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Business / Commercial Insurance: MD, VA, DC

Business / Commercial Insurance: MD, VA, DC

What Kind of Insurance is right for your Business?

Whether your business protection needs are simple or complicated, a plan designed to protect your company that represents a solid value for your insurance dollars, is essential. 

Here at Community Insurance Services in Laurel, Maryland, we really understand the value of proper protection.  In 2007, our agency suffered a devastating fire that destroyed our office building and all of the contents.  Recovering from that catastrophe has given our agents a keen insight that will help you create an insurance protection plan tailored to meet the needs of your business. (See The Linzey Mansion Fire for details.) 

The proper plan starts with the basics; general liability, commercial property (for both building structures and contents), worker’s compensation, commercial auto, and then builds from there.

Just select any of the following coverages to learn more, or contact us if you are seeking something other than those listed.

Business Owners Insurance Package

Business insurance is usually a bundle of coverages starting with the basics of general liability and commercial property protection.  Your custom designed protection plan will build from there to best protect your particular type of business from the many general risks, to those that might be unique to your industry.   Whether you are in sales or service, or are a retailer, property investor or manager, professional services office, restaurant or automobile repair shop, or some other line of business, this is the place to start.  Learn more about a Business Owners Insurance Package>>... 

General Liability & Contractors Liability Insurance

Some businesses, like contractors, need liability protection against damages arising as a result of your operation or insured location.  General Liability protection would follow you and your employees to your work sites. Learn more about General Liability and Contractors Liability Insurance>>...

Commercial Auto & Business Vehicle Insurance

Covering your business vehicles against losses is an important part of your business insurance portfolio. Many variations and options exist to assure that you have the right coverage on your vehicles for your particular operation. Learn more about Commercial Auto & Business Vehicle Insurance>>...

Workers Compensation Insurance

Making your workplace safe is certainly one of your top priorities.  Even so, accidents happen.  Having Workers Compensation insurance protects your company by taking care of an injured workers’ expenses. Learn more about Workers Compensation (Comp) Insurance>>...

Group Life Insurance Plans

In this economy, employee benefits can be a more important tool than ever for a business owner.   Workers are concerned about making ends meet and at the same time protecting their financial future.  Offering group life insurance to your employees and their dependents can help attract and retain good people. Learn more about Group Life Insurance Benefit Plans>>...

Key Person (Employee) Life Insurance

As a business owner, you work hard to stand out and be competitive in your market.  Often your success is dependent  upon a few key persons – perhaps you!  So what would happen to your hard work if you lost one of your key persons in the event of death?  The impact on your business could be substantial. You can protect against that impact with Key Person/Employee insurance. Learn more about Key Person (Employee) Life Insurance>>...

Business Catastrophe Liability (Umbrella) Insurance

No matter how well you plan, accidents can still occur; and depending on the circumstances, the resultant claims against your business can far exceed your planned coverages. When this happens, it can put your entire business at risk unless you have an ‘umbrella’ for protection. Learn more about Business Catastrophe Liability (Umbrella) Insurance>>...

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